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St. Comgall's National School, Connons, Clones, Co. Monaghan

Wishing COVID-19 Away!

21st Jun 2020



Coronavirus go away,

Don’t come back another day!!


My schoolwork is now done from home,

I don’t have time to play on my phone!


If I sing happy birthday anymore,

My vocal cords will be on the floor!


Mum’s now a barber, or so she thinks,

When the razor appears, my heart sinks!


New things are happening like quizzes on Zoom,

And speedy rockets flying under the moon!


The worst of it all, is I can’t see my friends,

It’s enough to send me around the bend!


So Coronavirus, disappear, you have devastated many lives,

And this 9yr old boy wants to go to the park and give all his friends a high-five!


By Seán Connolly

(4th class)