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St. Comgall's National School, Connons, Clones, Co. Monaghan


Characteristic Spirit / General Objectives

St. Comgall’s N.S is a co-educational, mainstream, rural primary school. It is a school that welcomes and is inclusive of children of all abilities, backgrounds and cultures. At St. Comgall’s N.S. we are committed to providing a rounded education for the children in our care; an education which recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child. As a staff, we cherish our pupils equally and recognising that uniqueness, we work together as a team to inspire, nurture and motivate so that all pupils may develop their personal gifts and reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum.

As we open up and explore new worlds of learning, such potential is fostered within a safe and happy atmosphere of mutual respect, care and understanding, as each child is encouraged to strive to learn and gain the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed, to cope in an ever-changing world. For pupils to be the best they can be, we believe that they need to work together towards a common set of goals and school values. Therefore, as educators, we make every effort to embed our school values in day-to-day life to help shape each pupil’s understanding of that world.

We acknowledge the importance of every aspect of school activity and aim to build a systematic framework of schooling in our planning and policy-making processes that is built upon the mutually supportive and collaborative involvement of the key partners in our school community. A healthy and shared respect for change and development is fundamental to our thinking.